Do Schools Kill Creativity

I saw this video a little while ago and thought it was relevant. So the question is; Do schools kill creativity?
I think it depends on the teacher, I have been in classrooms where the teacher is monotonous and children are literally falling asleep, but i have also been in classrooms where teachers bring excitement to their students and their students are given the opportunity to be creative.
I believe ICT’s give students the opportunity to be creative and display information in creative ways. This itself is a great reason to include ICT’s into the curriculum.


2 thoughts on “Do Schools Kill Creativity

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  2. Reblogged this on Weblog of Miss H and commented:
    I love this video and I would have to agree. Should we stick with the age-old ideals of IQ as a measurement of intelligence or should we explore the notion that divergent thinking is a display of intelligence? I tend to agree with the latter. Yes creativity is being stifled in schools but how can I, in the role of teacher, help foster creative minds?

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