Prac is Over

Like Ashleigh’s Post , I also am missing my students from my practical experience this semester. Due to attending a small school, I know I will be able to interact with them again when I return in a few months. I wish we would be able to go back to the same classroom because even though we are only at the school for a short amount of time, we still create relationships and bonds with the students we teach. I know, for example, that with one of the boys in my class we would joke everyday about the state of origin out come (he is a blues supporter), also there are other children in the class that I am able to joke around with already, even though I was only there for three week, the relationships I made with the group of students was special.

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Assignment Three

After many hours struggling to complete this assignments, i can finally say that… its still not done! Its been problem after problem! I tried editing my work here at uni, but to my disappointment, Word has glitched and I cannot save anything! So there goes my plan to have the assignment submitted first thing today! I was planning to complete more of my Literacies Education assessment today, but I might need to push that back until tomorrow…

Either way, I know I am travelling a lot better that some other people with my assessment, hopefully i will get it all complete in time! I have found that this semester that i have been able to keep on top of my assessment items a lot better than in the past, and I am getting better marks as well! 

Back to Uni

Prac is over, and us education students are slowing drifting back into the routine of assignment machines. Already since finishing prac, less that a week ago I have spat out two and a half assignments, completed 8 shift of work, and attended uni three out of the four days so far. I think it is easy to say that I cannot wait to graduate where I wont have to work two jobs and write a gazillion assignments per semester. I’m starting to think that universities get joy out of its students turning into zombie like apparitions in the final weeks before semesters ends… and throwing a prac in the midst of all of the this? Criminal!

In saying that, prac was an amazing experience, I truly can not wait to graduate and teach full time. 


Even though it has nothing to do with this course, I am so complete over the moon about FINALLY complete the maths assignment set for us this semester. Whilst i see the benefits of using a Webquest in the classroom, I cant help but wonder how teachers have the time and the energy to actually create one. It took me about 30 hours to complete mine and that was when i’m at home, not a full time teacher who is at school for 8 hours of the day! So yes, good idea, fun for the children, but are they really that practical when you not only have 30 odd students under your care for most of your day, but you also have other subjects that need to be catered for as well?


Interactive Whiteboards or IWB are found in a lot of primary school classroom across the globe. I have not yet come into contact with one yet when I have been on my prac’s, but I hope to come across one soon. I have to admit, the idea of using them terrifies me, I remember when I was in high school and one of my classroom had one. The teacher didn’t know how to use it and half the lesson every day was spent trying to find where things where and how to fix what ever mistake she had made by accidentally touch or bumping it. I really hope that if I do come into contact with one on my upcoming prac, that I have a chance to learn how to use it before i just jump in and try to figure it out on the spot. If you guys want to read more about IWB, here is a document that has been put on line as part of our learning journal this week. 



Facebook is probably one of the most utilized social media sites available at the moment. The other day my father told me that i should spend less time on Facebook and spend more time with my face in books (text … Continue reading

Managing My Digital Footprint

I completely agree with what Sophia is saying. Is it even possible to not have a Digital Footprint. My opinion is that these days it is impossible to not have a digital footprint. We are all too involved with Technology to not have one.

Chronicles of a (pre-service) Teacher

Reading this post and watching this video (below) about digital footprint as part of this week’s learning path activities has made me reflect on my own digital footprint and posts I have made or shared online.   

In the connected world today, it is extremely important to be mindful of what we post online as it is very easy for students, employers, and anyone to see and gain access to information about your personal life without any restrictions. This can be seen through the simulation Take This Lollipop (it’s safe), which uses your Facebook information to demonstrate the dangers of posting and sharing private information online. 

You wouldn’t want something like this to happen at your interview right?


While there are some teachers who avoid social networking sites and leaving any ‘footprints’ behind, there are other ways which allow the other party to find out information about you. Reading student comments on sites such…

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Take the Lollipop

Take the lollipop was one of the most frightening experiences I have had in a long time. I’m pretty sure I may have had a slight heart attack when watching it. This video is just the example we were given in the learning path but upon completing the activity myself, my own information and Facebook page was used. This made me sick!

Being Cyber Smart

This week, as part of our learning path, we were to complete four modules on being cyber smart to receive a certificate saying that we understand key topics like:

➔ schools, the internet and the law
➔ school policies and cybersafety
➔ students as digital citizens
➔ digital literacy
➔ positive online behaviour
➔ personal and peer safety
➔ e-security
➔ online gaming, social networking, cyberbullying
➔ the ACMA’s cybersafety resources
➔ case studies in online safety
All of these things are relevant to our teaching as when we are using ICT’s  in the classroom we need to know how to teacher our students how to be cyber smart. I found the modules covered a lot of information and was very helpful in strengthening my understandings of the different types of things that could occur on line. I believe the modules helped me understand that we need to teach our children these skills in order for the to be more aware of the things that could occur online and the consequences of their actions.

Look Up

I just saw this video on how technology is taking over the world, I realise that it is not completely relevant to what we are talking about and has nothing to do with education but I can’t help but feel that the message is correct. I think people do rely on technology too much, I believe there needs to be a balance between using technology as an aid and doing things the old fashioned way. You guys should all check it out. It has a strong message that really makes you think.